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Using Window Film to Reduce Your Energy Bill

We wanted to share this article on how window film can be used to reduce your energy bill. This article was was written by the Orlando Utilities Commission. Some of what the article says is as follows:

Making your home more energy efficient can involve projects such as covering your roof with solar panels, erecting a backyard wind turbine or installing a new air conditioning system. However, there are other simpler, less-expensive strategies that can make a major dent in your energy bills, too.

Window film is one such home improvement. Properly applied, window film can cut your household cooling costs by almost one-third. That’s a big deal in Florida, where the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates residents spend 40 percent more than the rest of country on their electric bills while using four times the national average for air conditioning. In fact, Florida is second only to Texas in total residential electricity use.

You can check out the complete article by clicking HERE

If you would like any additional information about how window film can help you save on your energy bills, please contact Geoshield at 800-234-6133. We would be happy to assist you and also give you the contact information for a Geoshield Window Film Authorized Installer in your area.

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