Don't Make a Home Improvement Mistake by Replacing Windows

Don’t Make a Home Improvement Mistake by Replacing Windows

Older homes are great. Often the build quality and character is a step above newer houses. If you own one of these homes, you want to retain as much of the original aspects as possible. That being said, these homes often are less than desirable when it comes to energy efficiency. One of the primary areas that homeowners often look to in an effort to address this is replacing the older windows. However, that could be a big mistake. This article explains four reasons you should consider keeping your older windows.

  • Newer Windows Lack The Quality of Older Windows – According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, upgrading and repairing your older windows will not only retain the original character of your home, a repaired older window will also likely outlast a newer replacement window. The wood used in these windows is of a higher grade than available today and these windows were designed to be rebuilt to last the life of the home. Newer windows are either made of inferior wood or vinyl and are not typically designed to be rebuilt. When they go bad, they will need to be replaced again.
  • Replacing Windows Has a Negative Environmental Impact – Many replacement window companies talk about the energy savings that newer windows can make, but what happens to all the windows they remove? From an environmental perspective, the energy savings do not offset the landfill impact of removing and disposing of the wood and glass of the windows being replaced.
  • Long Payback Associated With Window Replacement – Based on the information given in the Forbes article and the¬†typical values for Cost and Energy Savings at the Energy Star website, replacement windows can take over 20 years to recoup the costs of the replacement. This is assuming the window performs at the same level as new for the entire 20 years. If the performance degrades, the payback period could even be longer.
  • Window Upgrades To Existing Windows Are Available for Less – You can improve the performance of your existing windows by utilizing technologies like residential window films. These films are applied to the existing glass and can help block heat from passing through the glass, reduce irritating glare and reduce the sun’s harmful UV rays that can harm or fade your furnishings. In a typical home setting, window film can have a 3-5 year payback when used to upgrade older windows.

We hope that this article makes you reconsider replacing your older windows. You can retain the look and character of your older home, not have a negative environmental impact and increase the performance for less money by upgrading your existing windows. If you have any questions as to how Geoshield Residential Window Films can help you upgrade your existing windows, call us today at (800) 234-6133.

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