How Ceramic Window Film Helps Address Home and Office Issues

How Ceramic Window Film Helps Address Home and Office Issues

How Ceramic Window Film Can Solve Some Irritating Home or Office Issues

Does your home of commercial space have any issues with excessive heat, glare or faded furnishings? Are your utility bills higher than you would like them to be? If so, you should look into the benefits of having a window film solution retrofitted to your existing glass surfaces. If you determine that a home or office window film is what you need, but you do not want to change the view, then Geoshield Window Film has a great product for you.

Our Geoshield Pronano Ceramic Window Film 70 is our newest spectrally selective window film designed for home and commercial applications. This film is virtually clear and haze free, but don’t let the fact that it is nearly undetectable fool you. Geoshield Pronano 70 still blocks a significant amount of heat and UV. It’s IR blocking ceramic nano particles, in combination with UV stabilized film, provides long lasting protection to your home or commercial property.

Here are some of the great benefits of installing a quality ceramic window film from Geoshield.

Geoshield ProNano Ceramic Window Film for Home and Office 2

If you would like to know more about the innovative Geoshield Pronano Ceramic Window Film, please contact us by calling 800-234-6133 or emailing us at We would be happy to assist you and also give you the contact information for a local Geoshield installer in your area. You can visit our dealer locator by clicking HERE to find a Geoshield Window Film Authorized Installer in your area.

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