Architectural Window Films

Geoshield’s architectural solar films set the benchmarks in performance through superior engineering. Advances in material science enable window films that are not shiny or dark but reject more solar energy than conventional window films.

IRis Window Film

Antimony Tin Oxide

IRis 70 is virtually invisible on glass, yet blocks up to 99% of the sun’s Infrared. IRIS is designed for applications where high visibility and heat rejection are critical to your installation.

Geo Window Film

Sputtered Titanium Nitride

Our GEO Series utilizes the very latest in American nano-ceramic titanium nitride sputtering technology to provide maximum (IR) heat rejection with low visual reflectivity. State of the art processes and durable components make this film a favorite of discerning customers.

SuperAlloy Window Film

Nickel Chromium Dual Reflective

SuperAlloy is a dual reflective, sputtered nichrome film. Low inside reflectivity insures a clear view out, while a slightly higher outside reflectivity gives you maximum protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

ProNano Window Film

Pronano Ultra 70% is Geoshield newest spectrally selective window film designed for architectural applications. The film is virtually clear and haze free but blocks a significant amount of UV and heat. IR blocking ceramic nano particles, in combination with UV stabilized film provides long lasting protection to your home or commercial property.

Geoshield Architectural Specs

Geoshield Window Film Architectural Specs
  • Protect Furnishings

    99% UV Rejection, the Leading Cause of Fading

  • Block The Heat

    Nano Ceramic Technology Provides Maximum Heat Rejection

  • Save Money

    Improve Windows Performance and Reduce Cooling Cost

  • Be Green

    Decrease Environmental Emissions and Carbon Footprint

  • Maintain The Vision

    Clear Vision and Low Reflectivity is Excellent for Day Lighting

  • Increased Safety

    Helps Hold Shattered Glass Together

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