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Lunar 20%

Lunar 20%

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Lunar 20 is an architectural window film designed with carbon materials to minimize reflection and enhance energy efficiency. It is specifically engineered for double pane windows, ensuring safety and optimal performance. With a thickness of 1.5 mil and a dual-layer construction, it combines aluminum and nano carbon elements to achieve a sleek, neutral appearance. Not only does it provide outstanding color stability, but it also offers remarkable heat rejection properties.
2ply/ 1.5mil/ DA Adhesive
Visible Light Transmitted 23%
Solar Transmission 28%
Solar Reflection 22%
Solar Absorption 50%
Visible Light Reflection Int 16%
Visible Light Reflection Ext 11%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 60%
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient .40 
IR Rejection 71%
UV Rejection 99%

 *Please note: We do not offer refunds for any reason on rolls that have been custom cut. Thank you

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