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Reflect-Shield 70%

Reflect-Shield 70%

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Reflect Shield 70 Exterior
Performance Data
2 ply / 1.5 mil / PS Adhesive
Visible Light Transmission - 65%
Visible Light Reflectance Interior - 8%
Visible Light Reflectance Exterior -10%
Glare Reduction - 30%
Shading Coefficient - .75
Total Solar Transmittance - 56%
Total Solar Reflectance - 9%
Total Solar Absorption - 35%
Ultraviolet (UV) Rejection - 99.9%
Total Solar Energy Rejection - 35%
*Tested on 1/8” glass 

 Geoshield Reflect Shield Window Film: Protect Your Property with Crystal Clear Clarity! We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our Geoshield Window Film product family - Reflect Shield 70. If you're fed up with relentless heat and glare reflecting off your windows, causing damage to your turf, natural grass, vinyl siding, and furniture, Reflect Shield 70 is your ultimate solution. What sets it apart? It's almost entirely clear and will not alter the look of your windows, unlike other products on the market that use perforated vinyl, which can distort and ruin your windows appearance. Reflect Shield 70 is installed on the exterior of the windows and comes with a 3 year material warranty.
Key Features of Reflect Shield:
1. Crystal Clear Clarity: Reflect Shield is engineered to provide unparalleled clarity. It's almost invisible, preserving the natural look of your windows.
2. Anti Reflective: This nearly invisible shield is designed to reduce exterior solar reflection, reducing damage to turf, siding, plants and furniture.
3. Glare Reduction: Reflect Shield reduces glare while maintaining the crystal-clear view.
4. Property Protection: Shield your property from the damaging effects of heat reflection without compromising your windows aesthetics.
5. Energy Efficiency: By reducing solar heat gain, Reflect Shield promotes energy efficiency and lower energy bills, all while maintaining the beauty of your windows.
6. UV Protection: Our window film blocks 99% harmful UV rays to safeguard your interior
furnishings, artwork, and flooring without altering your windows look.

 *Please note: We do not offer refunds for any reason on rolls that have been custom cut. Thank you

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