Ceramic Elixir Warranty Registration

Geoshield proudly offers a 2-year limited liability warranty on professionally and correctly installed Ceramic Elixir coatings. Geoshield guarantees Elixir Ceramic coating will protect your car’s original paint surfaces from tree sap, bug splatter, bird droppings and oxidation from UV rays for 2 years or Geoshield will at no cost to the owner repair and retreat the affected area.

Warranty is non-transferable. Warranty is void if owner fails to follow instructions of care. Damage to the surface caused by negligence or improper washing techniques including but not limited to swirl marks, scratches, scuffs, scrapes, chips and water spots not to be covered. Warranty will be considered invalid under any of the following conditions: vehicle accidents, fire, flood, extreme weather conditions and pre-existing damage. Warranty is limited to the original invoice or amount of the cost to repair, which ever is less.

Retain the warranty email sent when you complete the form below, original invoice and Ceramic Elixir bottle number used on your vehicle in order to process any claim. Contact your installing dealer to process a claim and schedule your required annual maintenance wash and inspection. For Care & Instruction information, click the button below.