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Geoshield Window Films are made from high quality weatherable polyester designed to withstand extreme conditions. All Geoshield nano ceramic films are metal-free making them media friendly unlike metalized products that can interfere with your radio, cell and satellite signals.

Types of Geoshield Window Film


Geoshield offers four different automotive window films to suit anyone's requirements for looks and performance. Whether you want a high performance / high light transmission film, or a more traditional automotive tint, Geoshield has you covered.

Automotive Window Films

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Geoshield's architectural solar films set the benchmarks in performance through superior engineering. Advances in material science enable window films that are not shiny or dark but reject more solar energy than conventional window films.

Architectural Window FIlms

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These include ProShield, a paint protection film, White Frost, which allows light transmission with privacy, and Blackout, which provides total day and night privacy. Through our specialty films, we have a product that can fit your every need.

Specialty / Paint Protection Films

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