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Using Window Film to Reduce Energy Bills

It is one thing for a window film manufacturer to tell you that their products reduce energy bills. It is another to have an expert in the industry reaffirm this fact. We wanted to share an article we came across from a utility company on how window film can be used to reduce energy bills. The article, entitled Using Window Film, was was written by the Orlando Utilities Commission. Some of what the article says is as follows:

"Making your home more energy efficient can involve projects such as covering your roof with solar panels, erecting a backyard wind turbine or installing a new air conditioning system. However, there are other simpler, less-expensive strategies that can make a major dent in your energy bills, too. Window film is one such home improvement. Properly applied, window film can cut your household cooling costs by almost one-third.

Window film not only saves energy, it can keep what’s in your home from suffering the ravages of ultraviolet light, which can cause carpets, furnishings, fabrics and artwork to fade or discolor. Smith estimates that 40 - 60 percent of color fading is caused by UV exposure. “The great aspect of most window films is that they aid in blocking up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays, which reduces solar heat gain,” says Gregg Sampson, a conservation coordinator with Orlando Utilities Commission. “By controlling the direct sunlight that enters the home, it improves comfort and maintains temperature consistency in the home.”

You can check out the complete Orlando Utilities Commission article by clicking HERE

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