APEX Films

APEX Window FilmsGeoshield offers four different automotive window films to suit anyone's requirements for looks and performance. Whether you want a high performance / high light transmission film, or a more traditional automotive tint, Geoshield has you covered.ProNano Window FilmGeoshield Pronano Ceramic Automotive film is revolutionizing the window film business. Pronano is a next generation automotive film that fuses color stable polyester with nano ceramic particles. This hybrid combination delivers outstanding infrared heat rejection and uncompromising looks. The 2mil film is the most installer friendly film on the market. Its aggressive adhesive and shrink ability make it super easy to install.C2 Window FilmC2 is an advanced nano carbon film produced using the latest technology in the industry. Using this technology, we created a film that not only looks great, it performs great too. In addition, this process has allowed us to bring premium looks and performance to you at a mid-range price point. Pro Classic Window FilmOur Pro Classic series is a 1.5 mil color stable deep dyed film. This film offers outstanding dye fastness and lifetime warranty against product failure or defect. Pro Classic is designed to be the film you use everyday with confidence.Geo Series Window FilmOur GEO Series utilizes the very latest in American nano-ceramic titanium nitride sputtering technology to provide maximum (IR) heat rejection with low visual reflectivity. State of the art processes and durable components make this film a favorite of discerning customers.Geoshield Automotive SpecsGeoshield has been specializing in ceramic window films since 2005. Over those 15 years, technology has only gotten better. The current “apex” in window film technology is this new super ceramic aptly called APEX. If you are looking for one of the highest heat rejecting films on the market. Apex is it. With over 95% IR rejection across the entire Infrared spectrum, Apex delivers outstanding heat rejection capabilities. APEX Window FilmContact Us NowContactWarranty RegistrationContact Us NowContactWarranty Registration