Geoshield C2 - The Evolution of Carbon Automotive Window Film

It seems like our industry often jumps from one hot product category to the next. In the automotive segment, just like the term “Ceramic” had been popular for a couple years, now the term “Carbon Automotive Window Film” has been one of the biggest buzz words used in the window film industry. But, what is “Carbon” and how does it provide benefits to automotive window film? 

A couple basic facts first. Carbon is a the chemical element on the periodic table with the symbol C. It is the 15th most abundant element in the Earth's crust. The best known carbons, even if people do not think of them as carbons, are graphite and diamonds. In addition, it is not just the type of material that’s important, but also the size. I am sure you have heard the term nano ceramic or nano carbon used in our industry. Nano particles are really small. A human hair is approximately 80,000 - 100,000 nanometers wide. Advanced spectrally selective films use nano particles to act as solar filters that allow shorter wavelengths of visible light to pass through while blocking the longer wavelength infrared. This allows us to produce high VLT films with low SHGC. With that said, there have been several problems with current Nano Ceramic / Carbon films that have kept the products from gaining mainstream penetration. One of the biggest problems has been price. Traditional Ceramic products use sputtered titanium nitride and recent IR products have used antimony tin oxide or indium tin oxide. These materials are very limited and expensive to produce especially on a nano scale. As a result, the film prices for these products tend to be higher. Also, many of you are also aware of low angle haze issue impacting ceramic and carbon films but may not know why it occurs. Low angle haze occurs when visible light is reflected off the nano particles in the film. Sometimes the haze or cloudiness is greater at certain angles. The reflection and haze are greater on particles that are over 80nm-100nm in size. The smaller the particle, the less the low angle haze issue because less visible light will be reflected. Finally, another problem with some of the current ceramic and carbon films on the market has been inferior film substrates i.e. polyester, hard coat, and adhesive. Due to the high cost of ceramics and carbon some manufactures have chosen to cut cost on crucial film components to reduce price. Their focus has been primarily on price and solar performance vs adhesive failure, scratch resistance, color stability and installer friendliness. Geoshield C2 - The Evolution of Carbon Automotive Window Film 2With all of this in mind, I am proud to announce that Geoshield has addressed these problems and is launching our new automotive product called Geoshield C2. C2 is an advanced nano carbon film produced using the latest technology in the industry. It comes with an amazing price and outstanding quality. The technology to produce nano carbons cost effectively has just recently become available as these carbon nano particles can be produced consistently using vapor deposition of acetylene gas. Acetylene Gas is the chemical compound with the formula C2H2. This colorless gas is widely used as a fuel and a chemical building block. Using this new method, we are able to consistently produce carbon nano particles 30nm in size at a value price point. One of the most exciting things about these new carbon particles is the size. At 30 nm it has less low angle haze and higher optical clarity than current products that are primarily 50-100 nm in size. Current films on the market have low angle haze any where from 1.8 - 2.5. Our new Geoshield C2 product has less than half, coming in at 0.8-1.2. The smaller particle size also provides better color stability and less fading. These nano particles are applied to the film with the latest carbon dispersion control technology to guarantee consistency. Due to the economical production of these new carbons we are able to use super clear, weatherable PET with a haze less than 0.4. The PET is the best in the industry and does not have rubbery feel associated with inferior films. It offers better conformability and less creasing due to rigidness. The cost savings also enable us to use superior adhesive with increase bonding strength. Our new adhesive has 33% greater bonding strength than our competitor’s films. We also are able to incorporated the latest patented scratch resistant technology into the hard coat to insure good durability and smooth installation. Geoshield C2 is available only in 40” x 100’ rolls at this time for $285.00 a roll. We will cut any length with 25 foot minimum in 5-foot increments. We are offering in 5%, 20%, 35% and 50% VLTs. Sample rolls (40” x 10’ ) will be sold with 100% satisfaction guarantee. A full refund on sample rolls will be given within 30 days of purchase or the sample roll price can be applied to any new orders. Please contact us at 800-234-6133 if you would like to try the future of carbon automotive window film - Geoshield C2.