The Story Behind Geoshield Window FilmHow it Got StartedOur reputation for bringing only the best products to market is our pride and joy. Geoshield USA serves as our marketing, sales and distribution office for North America. We sell to our dealers only, but welcome any inquiries about our products. As part of the Louisiana Business and Technology Center at Louisiana State University, Geoshield has been working to advance window film technology since 2005. Advances in ceramic-based materials have allowed us to bring state of the art solar solutions to the market place. Geoshield Nano-ceramic technology has revolutionized the window film industry, allowing for premium optical clarity and high-energy rejection from solar control films.Our FilmsAlthough window film has been around for decades Geoshield products are different than conventional films. Geoshield uses advanced ceramic materials, similar to those used in NASA's Space Shuttle, to create a spectrally selective window film. This means that Geoshield has been able to produce a film that is virtually clear but blocks out harmful UV and heat. Geoshield nano-ceramic technology blocks specific wavelengths of infrared light and UV while allowing a high percentage of visible light to pass through. Geoshield films are made from high quality weatherable polyester designed to withstand extreme conditions. All Geoshield nano ceramic films are metal-free making them media friendly unlike metalized products that can interfere with your radio, cell and satellite signals. Geoshield will live up to its promise to "Block the Heat, Maintain the Vision." Why choose Geoshield ceramic window films:
  • Advanced Nano-Ceramic Materials
  • No Corrosion or Fading
  • State of the Art Construction
  • Spectrally Selective
  • High Optical Clarity, Low Reflectivity
  • No Electromagnetic Interference
  • Outstanding Lifetime Warranty
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