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Ceramic Glass Coating

Ceramic Glass Coating

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Made in the USA!

Our Ceramic Glass Coating is a coating that cures onto your glass surfaces, providing excellent resilience and water resistance. Using advance hydrophobic (water repelling) polymer technology, that allows water beading to occur and thus flow off the glass while driving. Whether applied on windshields, mirrors, windows or sunroofs, this coating repels both rain and dirt, while maintaining a cleaner glass surface. This is especially helpful for new and young drivers, as it will dramatically improve visibility during wet conditions and rain. In colder temperatures, our coating assists in defrosting your windows at a much faster rate.


Prepare the glass surface by cleaning it with either a standard glass cleaner or Isopropanol.

  1. Apply a small amount of the glass coating to a sponge applicator, soft cotton cloth or microfiber
  2. Spread the coating on the glass surface until a thin equal film is visual
  3. Wait 1 – 2 minuets for the coating to dry
  4. Once dry, the film can be polished using a clean microfiber until all streaks are removed. If the streaks are difficult to remove, a damp microfiber is recommended

For professional results and increased longevity of product we HIGHLY recommend:

  • Glass polish your glass surface if it is heavily dirty BEFORE applying coating.
  • Commercial car washes should be avoided.
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