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Graphene Ceramic Coating

Graphene Ceramic Coating

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Made in the USA 🇺🇸

3+ YEARS of Protection

Our Graphene Ceramic Coating forms an everlasting bond to the surface, providing not only protection but shine and sharpness. It provides a highly durable coating to shield your paintwork from all environmental conditions (including bugs, saps, droppings, etc), chemicals, UV rays, dirt, and other contaminants, as well as being highly water repellent. This makes it more resistant to water spots, leaving behind a smoother finish on any paint, protective films, and vinyl wraps.

  • 9H Scratch Resistance
  • Highly water repelling
  • UV, Weather, Chemical, and Corrosion Resistant
  • Self – Cleaning


Use gloves and protective eye wear when handling all products

Make sure before applying the graphene ceramic coating, your vehicle must but indoors and the surface must be cool before applying (optimum temperatures range between 38 – 85 °F (3 – 29 °C)

  1. Wash, clay and remove all contaminants from the paint
  2. Polish paint work to remove all imperfections (hand or machine polishing)
  3. After panel is fully cooled after polishing, buff away all polish residues using 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA). This will ensure maximum bond between your paintwork and the coating.
  4. Use gloves when handling ceramic coating, as to prevent contact with skin
  5. Soak the applicator pad with enough of the graphene ceramic coating to get even saturation. Make sure you keep the lid on the bottle when not using and put to the side.
  6. Using the applicator, apply in overlapping strokes to an area roughly 4’ x 4’ or work to the bodylines of the vehicle.
  7. Allow for a haze to appear (10 -15 minutes) and then remove reside using a microfiber cloth. To inspect for coating residue, use a bright and diffuse light source (shop light). Bright spotlights (e.g flashlights) are poor at detecting residues.
  8. When applying the coating, avoid buffing with excessive force as this can drag partially cured coating off the surface
  9. Pay attention to the microfiber towels you are using, as to prevent the coating from partially curing on the cloth. If this occurs, change microfiber towels, as this will make buffing the coating significantly more difficult.
  10. If a miss spot/residue spot fully cures, re-polish the area and then reapply coating.
  11. Once finished, put microfiber towel and applicator pad in water – wash and dry them as soon as possible.

For professional results and increased longevity of product we HIGHLY recommend:

  • Using a clay bar and polishing in steps 1 and 2 prior to application. Please test whether machine or hand polishing is more effective for your vehicle as this varies per brand.
  • Using our ceramic boost every 6 months to maintain coating. Finally commercial car washes should be avoided.
  • Use graphene ceramic coating within 18 months of purchasing AND within 3 months once opened.
  • Store open bottles in a dry and cool area out of direct sunlight.
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