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Agent Orange (Geoshield Branded)

Agent Orange (Geoshield Branded)

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This is a dual durometer, blade that features Hydra-V edge technology that is a prep and extractor!

This is the industries first Dual durometer crop cut blade.


This dual durometer squeegee exceeded our expectations during the testing phase. It preps glass like the Judge blade and extracts just like the original De-Hydra.


The orange side is the tried and true De-Hydra rated @9pDurometer

The white side is a softer material rated @ 79 Durometer with cleaning/prepping in mind.


In order to function on both sides, we chose to make it a crop cut blade along with the added Hydra-V edge rather than leaving it in a block cut form .

. The blade is approximately 5.00 long, 1.750 wide, and .250 thick meaning it will work in most industry-standard handles!


The Agent Orange is composed of a proprietary blend of materials that has the best wear resistance in any tool of its kind; the blades are made from a special material and are 100% MADE IN THE USA by Gasket Pro Tools.



When you want a blade that can do it all, you can count on the Agent Orange Hydra-V line of blades. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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