C2 Ceramic (Carbon Plus)
C2 Ceramic (Carbon Plus)
C2 Ceramic (Carbon Plus)
C2 Ceramic (Carbon Plus)
C2 Ceramic (Carbon Plus)
C2 Ceramic (Carbon Plus)
C2 Ceramic (Carbon Plus)
C2 Ceramic (Carbon Plus)

C2 Ceramic (Carbon Plus)

★★★★★ (66)
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C2 Ceramic combines our proven carbon window film with nano ceramic technology to deliver outstanding heat rejection and a true black look. The exceptional performance and color is achieved by adding a ceramic layer to our carbon film. This new hybrid film is manufactured with the highest grade, weatherable polyester, and strong acrylic adhesive system. Carbon Plus offers excellent optical clarity, with almost no low angle haze.
  • warranty_shield128px

    Lifetime Warranty

  • stable128px

    Color Stable

  • Max_Performance128px

    2 Ply 1.5 Mil Construction

  • Nano_Tech128px

    Nano Carbon + Ceramic Technology

  • Optical_Clarity128px

    High Optical Clarity

  • Signal_Safe128px

    No Signal Interferances

  • UV_icon128px

    99% UV Rejection

  • IR_Rejection128px

    High Heat Rejection




With C2 Ceramic (Carbon plus) we love that is has an amazing neutral black color, easy to shrink, no low angle haze which is a plus. We also love showing our customers that this hybrid film can reject a lot of heat using our heat box demo.

Automotive Protective Solutions, Inc.

We currently use Geoshield’s C2 Carbon, C2 Ceramic, and Apex Ultra as a good, better, best system. With a personal history coming from high volume shops using top tier name brand films, Geoshield not only competes, but excels. This film provides amazing optical clarity combined with top of the line performance statistics and will be my film choice for any application.

Tint My Ride

What I like most about Geoshield is how easy it is to work with the film. Laying it down and moving it around is so easy. Doesn’t crease easy, shrinks VERY SMOOTH, over all love it.

Tints By Shawn