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Ceramic Boost

Ceramic Boost

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Our Ceramic Boost is a spray that uses advance silica based (SiO 2 ) technology, giving it a self-cleaning ability, while still being easy to use. SiO 2 or silicon dioxide is known as liquid glass, that possess a large amount of surface tension, preventing the water from bonding to the surface. This creates the characteristic of being extremely water repellent, strong, and self-healing. The water repellent technology allows for water beading to occur and thus create a self-cleaning film. This spray is safe to use on paint protection film, glossy, matte, coated and non-coated surfaces and will not only extend the life of your ceramic coating by but enhance the self-cleaning abilities, prolong its durability and aid in removing streaks.

Before applying ceramic boost, make sure surface is clean, cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.

Shake before use
1. Spray a small amount of product onto the surface
2. Use a dry, clean microfiber towel to spread the product
3. Wipe to dry
For professional results and increased longevity of product, we HIGHLY recommend:
- Apply panel by panel to ensure even application and prevent overspray
- If microfiber towel you are using becomes high saturated (very damp), make sure to
switch to a dry, clean microfiber towel.
- Avoid commercial car washes

This is NOT a replacement for a ceramic coating, as it will only provide TEMPORARY protection.

For FULL PROTECTION, please purchase one of our ceramic coatings.

Made in the USA! 6 months of protection per wash!

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