Enhances gloss, is hydrophobic, repels contaminants, and provides long-lasting protection against environmental elements.


    Graphene coatings have an enhanced hardness compared to Silica based ceramic coatings making them perfect for wheels and trim.

Si02 Ceramic Silicon Dioxide

Ceramic Elixir Coating

Discover the unparalleled protection and brilliance of Elixir, our advanced ceramic coating for automotive paint applications. Shield your vehicle with a transparent, durable layer that not only repels contaminants and safeguards against harsh elements but also enhances the depth and luster of your paint, ensuring a lasting, showroom-quality finish. It is also very hydrophobic and makes the coated surface easier to clean.

Ceramic Elixer


Graphene infused

Graphene Coating

Our graphene coating is specially formulated for automotive paint, wheels, and trim. This groundbreaking coating is hydrophobic and also harnesses the extraordinary strength of graphene, providing an ultra-resistant shield against environmental damage, oxidation, and road contaminants, ensuring your car maintains a pristine appearance and is easy to clean.

Graphene Coating


Ceramic Glass Coating

Designed exclusively for vehicle glass, our glass coating delivers not just exceptional clarity but also paramount safety benefits. This transparent shield repels rain, snow, and contaminants for crystal-clear visibility in adverse weather conditions. This product bonds long term and lasts months to years. Always be prepared and elevate your driving experience by coating your glass.

Glass Coating


maintain + protect

Ceramic Boost

Ceramic Boost is our specialized ceramic detail spray crafted to elevate the protection and hydrophobic properties of your existing coating. Enhance the longevity of your ceramic coating with this easy-to-apply spray, which creates an additional layer of defense against contaminants while boosting water repellency. Ceramic Boost is the perfect complement to your ceramic coating, ensuring your vehicle maintains its brilliant shine.

Ceramic Boost

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Ceramic Coating FAQ

Can I apply ceramic coating myself?

While it is possible to apply a ceramic coating yourself, it's crucial to set realistic expectations. Professional Geoshield installers have been trained and have experience to ensure optimal results, employing meticulous preparation techniques that DIY enthusiasts may find challenging. Professional-grade equipment and expertise are crucial in achieving the highest level of durability and performance.

Geoshield's warranties, safeguarding your investment, are exclusively extended to installations by certified professionals. For a flawless application and enduring protection connect with a skilled Geoshield installer and experience the full benefits of our advanced ceramic coatings.

How do I care for my ceramic coated vehicle?

Washing your ceramic-coated vehicle is a breeze! Begin by using a pH-neutral car wash soap and a soft microfiber wash mitt to gently remove surface dirt. Avoid abrasive materials, such as stiff brushes or sponges, to prevent potential scratches. Rinse thoroughly with a hose, and consider using the two-bucket method to minimize the risk of swirl marks. Never use an automatic wash with brushes. Touchless washes are ok but avoid packages that use harsh chemicals and sealants. Opt for rinse only. Pressure wash is ok on ceramic coatings but make sure to maintain a safe distance with fine tips.

For optimal maintenance, use a dedicated ceramic coating maintenance spray like Geoshield's Ceramic Boost. This not only enhances the hydrophobic properties but also adds a layer of protection. Avoid washing in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces, and your ceramic-coated vehicle will continue to showcase its stunning finish. For a detailed guide or professional assistance, connect with a Geoshield installer by clicking the button below.

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